Wizard101 wiki storm spells

wizard101 wiki storm spells

1 Storm Spells from Halston Balestrom and Ione Virga; 2 Storm Spells from Other Trainers; 3 Storm Spells from Other Sources; 4 Storm Spells.
collection of all the storm spells in wizard 101 Sources: com/game/storm-school.
What are the storm spells and what lvl do you get them i just need to know becuase i am a storm lvl 12 so i need help figuring this out. wizard101 wiki storm spells Crowns also can be used to buy in game exclusive items and access PvP tournaments. Storm Spells from Quests. Free-to-Play customers can purchase access to different areas of content using in-game currency called Crowns. Crowns can be purchased by a game card or from the online store, or earned in small amounts through SuperRewards. If you believe that you are seeing this message in error please click here to notify volochek.info. Wizard 101 level 18 storm spell quest (Minion)