Im a boss remix dirty lyrics

im a boss remix dirty lyrics

Lyrics to ' I'm Boss (Remix)' by Lil Wayne. (YOUNG LIFE) / Capital B I'm a Boss / Hit the mall buy shit without seeing the cost / I'm on some fly shit / Got a.
Featuring Swizz Beatz, DJ Khaled, Rick Ross, Birdman & 2 more. I'm ride or die, I'm ridin’ by, holla Westside. Bitch, I'm a boss, bitch, I'm a boss!.
Meek Mill ft Birdman Dj Khaled Lil Wayne Rick Ross Swizz Beatz T.I. Wayne's verse is only like 30 seconds. im a boss remix dirty lyrics

Im a boss remix dirty lyrics - deposit bonus

Hopping in the Ghost I feel I'm dead set. The money do swing, behind a killin' nigga. Took the whole thing, the young nigga doing numbers. You all talk dawg, flaw and I ain't havin' none of that. I put all my jewels on just to bone your chick.
[Miami Heat] Lebron James: I'm A Boss [HD] Again we got the city hidin'. Ridin in a ghost. And then we hit the fucking block, we be droppin' them rags. On some big money shit. Now she livin' like a Cleveland Cavalier. Slap you with a lot of spit until she swallow all of it.