Best android apps 2014 reddit

best android apps 2014 reddit

Although the /r/ android wiki is chock-full of apps of all kinds you Check out /r/ AndroidGaming's 2014 bestof list! If you're looking for apps in certain categories (eg. best photography app, best keyboard, best browser, etc.).
this post was submitted on 22 Feb 2014 What are the best alterations? .. QuickPic: probably the best app for viewing your pictures. It's very.
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Thanks for this post! Little Alchemy- Make shit with elements also a Chrome app.. Then a few minutes later you get a picture from some other random person in the world. RIP in peace productivity. Edit: it also has a sleep timer, which is nice. I have used the others, and I much prefer this app. I'm surprised it's still around! Works sooooooo much better. Progression Fitness I'm not sure if the Pro version adds anything, but the dev is amazing so supporting him is well worth it. It even allows Azerbaijani Alphabet comment formatting in the app, which I don't think any other app does. I've set a shortcut for easy access. The kid is really into it too, I use my phone as a wifi hotspot to share my data so we can both play. best android apps 2014 reddit

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