What symbolizes 16 years of marriage

what symbolizes 16 years of marriage

As there is no traditional gift or symbol associated with the 16th wedding anniversary it means that there is no official name for the anniversary. We'd like to call it.
Want to know the wedding anniversary symbols associated with each year? Traditional or modern, one PAPER. 1 year modern anniversary symbol. CLOCKS.
Traditionally, eight anniversaries were associated with a material: years one, five, 10, 15, 20, 25, 50 and 75. Respectively, the associated traditional objects are.
Alt: Almandine Garnet Emerald. See twentieth year anniversary gifts. Many people have asked us "What do we do for the years in between? Learn more about Anniversaries. See second year liberty 7s slot machines gifts. Alt: Yellow or Golden Diamond Musical. Though still used by some people as a gift guide, the traditional and modern anniversary gift lists are relied on less in current times, in favour of more personalised anniversary gift selection. what symbolizes 16 years of marriage