Lyrics to deuces

lyrics to deuces

Lyrics for Deuces by Chris Brown feat. Tyga & Kevin McCall. All that bullshit's for the birds You ain't nothin but a vulture Always hopin for the.
Deuces is a new song by Chris Brown and it's of the Fan of a Fan mixtape it features Tyga and Kevin McCall.
You'll regret the day when I find another girl, yeah. Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh (chu-chuckin' up the deuces) You made me wanna say bye bye. Strip - Chris Brown ft. Kevin McCall

Lyrics to deuces -

I'm a dick, so it shouldn't be that hard to swallow. Uh, Use to be valentines. So you gonna diss me. We out here tryna have a good time. Thought it was true love, but you know women lie. Who knows just what I need. You Make Me Wanna. I hate liars, fuck love I'm tired of tryin'. You start to sound like Confucius when making up excuses. She make wanna leave the one im with Usher Raymond. And every time I try and break it off. Into the wind, again, again, and deuces I must throw ya, peace.