High rollers game show 1987

high rollers game show 1987

The Pilot of High Rollers was pretty much what you got in the actual run. While the show would be picked up in 1987 for a year in Syndication, it wouldn't last.
Game - Show ยท Game show which involved luck and a pair of REALLY big dice. Hosted by Alex 1987 1980 1 nomination. Genres: Game - Show.
1986 Pilot, 1987 "And now, a game of high stakes, where every decision is a gamble, and every move can be your last. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiigh Rollers!. high rollers game show 1987

High rollers game show 1987 - casino

Retrieved from " volochek.info? Once in control, a player was given the choice to either roll the dice or pass, forcing the other player. This was the second of three game. Century Towers Productions ,. Two contestants answered general knowledge. Like other weekly nighttime game shows at that time, this version had no returning champions.
High Rollers Full Closing Theme Extended