Hero war chords guitar

hero war chords guitar

G G Am Verse 1: He said, "Son,Have you see the world?Well, what would you sayIf I said that you could?Just carry this.
[Chorus 1] C#m A hero of war! A Yeah, that's what I'll be. E And when I come home, B They'll be damn proud of me. C#m I'll carry this flag; A To.
Learn to play Hero Of War by Rise Against with guitar chords, lyrics and chord diagrams. Updated: February 6th.

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Fullmetal alchemist lab 5 episode And I flag that I trust. But then I joined in. We beat him with guns. I yelled my commands [ G m ]. A flag white as sno [ B ] w. Just carry this gun.
BARBARIAN KING SWORD TRANSPARENT BACKGROUND To the grave if I must [ A ]. Hero Of War Chords. A bag over his face [ E ]. But then, I joined in. They took off h [ E ] is clothes. And I brought home that fla [ C m ] g.
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A flag white as snow. Listen to Hero Of War. They cut off my hair. She collapse [ A ] d with a flag in her han [ E ] d. But it's a flag that I love.

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Can't play "Hero Of War"? I added the rest of the guitar part some of the rythems may be off but the notes are correct I also deleted some tracks because they had nothing on them and tryed to make the lyrics fit in more and easier to read but the program I had didnt do much becuase it only good for writing guitar enjoy the rest of the song! Learn to play Rise Against with easy chords for beginners. And I fired away...... A bag over his face [ E ]. We all became friends. hero war chords guitar