Borderlands 2 dice chest room

borderlands 2 dice chest room

There was discussion on whether or not you could get multiple Legendarys from rolling double 20's on a Dice.
The chests I'm referring to are the red chests from DLC4 that have two little D20s on top of the Borderlands 2 2 - 14: White or Green Rarity Loot . Pirate DLC treasure room, or Nakayama's loot room at end of.
In the 'Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep' DLC, dice chests have If you open the chest normally, 1d20 will be rolled. The chest will give the. Borderlands 2
As for the post saying to 'use shift codes', I've explained before on this board that I don't cheat. I reckon the result of the dice roll decides the rarity of the loot the chest contains. The higher number rolled of the two is the number the chest uses to calculate your rewards. Quality and level are based on the player's or game host's character level and dependent on the zone level. Topic Archived More topics from this board. Post as a guest.