Android airplane mode gps

android airplane mode gps

Solved: Is GPS supposed to work when in Airplance Mode? Mine just seems to Search for GPS forever after turning it on in Airplane mode.
First a clarification or two. (1) Airplane mode does not turn off GPS on most newer phones. GPS is a receive only technology, and while receiver.
Is there any way to make the GPS work when the phone is in airplane mode? I don't see why the GPS should be disabled but it seems to be on  Airplane mode?. Do suggest if it can be done! But many airplanes now offer in-flight Wi-Fi, and cellular access may be coming to planes soon — so where does that leave airplane mode? The radios on a device use a large amount of power, communicating with cell towers, scanning for android airplane mode gps Wi-Fi networks and attempting to connect, waiting for incoming Bluetooth connections, and occasionally checking your location via GPS. With airplane mode off, I went into any gps app and obtained a GPS lock. Not sure why this is getting down voted when this is correct. How to turn off Airplane mode in Android phone