Alchemist at work in his laboratory

alchemist at work in his laboratory

This work is only possible in the laboratory of the Alchemist.” This image shows an alchemist in the center, in his robe, who is observing an.
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And it would be interesting to know if Laboratorum Soluna or other leading spagyric remedy makers might be interested in pursuing the Oil of Sulphur for general distribution some day. That person is actually the most important person in our life at that moment. This drawing belongs to the Western tradition of Alchemy. Cupel : a crucible made of bone ash. The laboratory of the alchemist is this here and now, working with your energy here and now. Credit: Wellcome Library, London. This does not equate to strength. This image shows 2 up printing software difference between the materialists, the curious, the skeptics, the chemists, who play with physical matter as they pursue their greed, as they pursue their lust, envy, and pride, attempting to play games with the matter of nature, the energy of nature, while ignoring its Consciousness. Only the ones who have been initiated in the science, who have been brought into the actual tradition and experienced first hand know what Alchemy actually is. It is submission to Gods'. The future of your soul depends on it.