Aa and al anon slogans

aa and al anon slogans

I was urged to share acronyms, al - anon slogans & other sayings some old, some new ~ food for thought. ~ Easy Does It ~ Keep It Simple.
Recovery quotes and slogans from AA Alcoholics Anonymous, Al - Anon, GA Gamblers Anonymous, OA Overeaters Anonymous, AA promises.
The Al - Anon program includes several simple, familiar, easy-to-remember “ slogans ” The slogan, “Keep It Simple” helps to remind us that simple solutions are. aa and al anon slogans Some of these May be repeats but I found some more. Meetings That Need Support:. Thank you for this list. We give it away to keep it. When we point a finger at someone, three are pointing back at us. Click here to read more about sober vacations.

Aa and al anon slogans - elementary school

I have never felt more understood in my whole life as I do today and that is all thanks to people like you who freely spread the message of recovery to me, and to millions of other addicts. If he fails in it, the failure is not mine, no matter what others may think or say about it. What ever your heart clings to, that is your God. Sponsor — Get a sponsor and Be a sponsor. The longer term members of Alcoholics Anonymous will usually give little mini-lectures about how Alcoholics Anonymous members are expected to interpret the volochek.infolly, these mitneegs are not suggested for newcomers to Alcoholics Anonymous.