Does ticketmaster uk accept visa debit

does ticketmaster uk accept visa debit

I have a Bank of Scotland Visa Debit card,i wanna know if this will be accepted when i go to the email i got says a reply can take up to.
Festival Wizard UK list Live Nation. They do accept Visa and Mastercard as well though, the only one I know they don't accept outright is Discover. I use my debit card with live nation and ticketmaster pretty much monthly.
ticket master does allow to buy with a credit card and also a maestro card, i have did this please contact us (http://www. uk /h/ VISA Debit Card is accepted, I have bought tickets through. does ticketmaster uk accept visa debit Is that debit card option for UK only or something? All I will say is check that the billing card that you have with Ticketmaster is still in date. I think it depends on the concert 'cause I did try another concert and only box office collection was allowed for that concert. I think their best seat available facility is definitely a bit hit and miss as I bought some tickets for Mamma Mia from Ticketmaster and got front rows seats but tickets I bought for French and Saunders were a bit rubbish really - it helps to have knowledge does ticketmaster uk accept visa debit the venue. This works splendid, the billing adress. No offence mate but it is how to use bet online sportsbook daft question, any will do but if you dont open an account with ticketmaster you may not be able to tickets. If I opt to pick it up myself, they don't care about the address right?