Does costco accept visa card

does costco accept visa card

Previously Costco only accepted American Express credit cards, while now you can use any Visa card for your US Costco purchases (a.
It's unusual for a retailer to accept only one brand of card, but that's what Costco does. You either pay with an American Express credit card or.
Costco's decision to accept only Visa credit cards was a cost-cutting strategy. Does this seem like a purchase Sean would typically make?.
Buying gas at Costco without a membership card does costco accept visa card The Costco Visa card also doubles as a membership card. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. AAPPB which categories can I get bonus points? You can pay cash and still get that rebate AFAIK. But they accepted MC from that point on. Newfoundland and Labrador - NL. I plan to do this in reverse.