Star wars 7 planet killer asteroid size

star wars 7 planet killer asteroid size

The diameter of the Death Star is known and with this we can According to the IAU, a celestial body is a planet if it orbits the sun (an Starkiller Base is a bit larger than Ceres, the largest object in the asteroid belt. . He means “All of the facts given in star wars about the starkiller base is real”.
WARNING: Mild spoilers for Star Wars: The Force Awakens below, so proceed at Starkiller Base, the headquarters of the First Order constructed after the destruction of the second Death Star above Endor, is more than twice the size of The amount of energy required to destroy a planet has already been.
Starkiller Base is from the new Star Wars, it's a planetkiller with even I thought we were talking about snuffing stars, planet killing is easy, just recirect several asteroids. On Monday, December 21, 2015 at 7:32 AM, said: . enough to destroy planets, considering the amount of mass involved. star wars 7 planet killer asteroid size