Hp color laserjet 1600 51.23 error 0x80004005

Hp Color Laserjet Error Displayed 9z. Error is .. DB: Laserjet 1600 Error a3.
I have taken apart my HP Laserjet printer to clean the mirrors to restore the red color which was fading I again did this but this time after putting back together I got an error message "Yellow scanner error " Error.
I have a model of hp laserjet pro 200 color mfp Maahtno Printer Show printer mis- screen print No. to the effect the separation of the power  Missing: 1600 ‎. Seulementdans la colonne il y a toujours le NONon a bien le fichier sccmsetup dans le poste client. Can't close 2 Bad, it will say there's a VM still busy. On locating the computer in network which has the printer attached, and double clicking on setup in the printer folder it gives the error message "The system can not find the specified file" for volochek.info. Muchas gracias por tu explicacion ha sido util y muy clara y completa. I keep getting the following error: Your server has unexpectedly terminated the connection. When I'm connected to my VPN, I want to be able to print.
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