Acid porting ny

acid porting ny

dont make the sad mistake of using muratic acid on alluminum. you might end up porting the wrong head Location: Freeport, NY I was in the porting business and I've never heard of " acid porting " it's probably as.
For COUPONS, reviews, directions, payment info and more on High Flow Acid Porting at Voorheesville, NY,. More business profiles located here for.
Join Date: Oct Location: Upstate NY Posts: 237. The "acid" in acid porting is a reference to the cover-up that is done to modified heads. My PGT hit a tree before I could try. After it kinda stopped boiling, i rinsed the IM and took a peak inside the ports,,. The acid really cleaned the intake ports but i ran out of acid to perform another procedure or maybe i should have left the acid longer for very very smooth surface. If you are a novice and you do not possess the hand eye coordination needed, your port could well look like it was assaulted by a runaway McCulloch. Then on the cylinder acid porting ny you'd have to ensure that no acid got into the valve ports, especially the valve lips. Now set the heads with the port flange level and move outside. IF you do acid porting ny receive your confirmation email you will not be able to post. Acid Drinkers - Live Jarocin 2011 (Fishdick Zwei DVD) [Full Concert]

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Don't melt wax into the manifold, it won't come off the areas to be ported by scraping. EFI in your modern Classic. The trick is to port carefully so it's not obvious to the eye and refinish the ports to the original cast look. Remember to use mask, gloves and rubber apron. For you Acid Porting lovers!. acid porting ny