Action back carpet

action back carpet

Most carpets are tufted or punched through one backing with a series of needles. Most backings are a web or weave of plastic and have such names as “ Action Bac”. Back in the days when SEARS sold carpet they were famous for selling.
Carpet backing is critical to how long your carpet lasts, but it can also usually be ignored when buying carpet. The Captain explains why.
I drop the carpet into the glue and pull it back out to help it flash off faster. Also this in It doesn't last any longer in these apts than action back. action back carpet
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Action back carpet - team game

I've done a few unitary backed carpets through the years but never have had what is happening here on this job. If you have the choice between ActionBac and a generic soft backing, I would buy the ActionBac. This style is still going to perform well, but in the very heavy traffic areas some crushing will be noticeable. Have you seen this installed? Often the loops are not of the same size, but rather, some large and some small to create a casual textured looped carpet.