Ace of spades strain review

ace of spades strain review

Fortunately, the father's genetics are well known. It is a cross of Jacks Cleaner and Space Queen, which makes Ace of Spades mostly Indica. However, the effects of this strain often start out like a Sativa, causing users to feel uplifted and even.
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Thanks to the plant's high THC percentage and broad spectrum of cannabinoids, the Ace of Spades strain represents a great source of. Inside, it needs eight to nine weeks to finish flowering. Eating is better than smoking, no? Many variations are extremely colorful with traces of pink and magenta. Julia lives on the east coast of Florida and loves coffee, the beach and reading and writing 2-Nitropropane in her spare time. I got good and high then watched 2519 (number) new Mad Max movie in the comfort of my living room. Positive Effects Creative . Ace of spades strain "bud" organically grown indoor ace of spades strain review