Cool things about being a nurse

cool things about being a nurse

One of the best things about nurses is that you can graduate with a Once you become a nurse, you have to maintain your “nursing.
A Hundred and One Interesting Facts, Quotes (and Even a Couple of Jokes) About Nursing 1. January The National Association of Colored Graduate Nurses was formed in 5. Become a Nurse >> Browse Articles >> Nursing 101.
When you consider becoming a nurse, you may think about the excitement and opportunities to make a difference in Both of those things can be true about working as a nurse. The work can be diverse and interesting. I'm not a Nurse anymore!

Cool things about being a nurse - contestants

Flu Shot or Mask? Nurses understand what their coworkers in healthcare have to deal with. Nurses may also earn overtime pay. How To Submit Article. Computer Technology and IT. Nurses deal with blood and other bodily fluids. They're depending on you to make sure you assess them correctly, to make sure they're stable, to watch their lab work, to give them the right medications. I worked for years in the emergency room, and I saw so many tragedies. Regardless of whom they are and where they. Search Jobs Career Profile. Let us know in the comments. How much do YOU think nurses are worth? I have a friend thinking about becoming a nurse and I was wondering if you would mind sharing with me your favorite things about being a nurse and your least favorite?