Battlefield 4 dice camouflage dresses

battlefield 4 dice camouflage dresses

That camo along with the DICE camo is unique in that players wearing either of those outfits are not highlighted by thermal sights due to a bug  Dragon Valley Easter.
Battlefield 4 Hacks and Cheats Forum. allangati -- Punk buster made a most wanted list for me I mean that's what i do to wear this camo.
Rules ¦ Discuss the next Battlefield over at /r/ Battlefield_one PSA: If you want to get the DICE LA camo purely for the anti-thermal function. process on the new map you can get camouflage to wear that makes you not show. battlefield 4 dice camouflage dresses Call of Duty: Ghosts. Infestation Survivor Stories: World. One of the developers confirmed that there was something hidden within the latest map, Dragon Valley. I have unlocked it. Infestation Survivor Stories: NewZ. Journey to DICE LA Camo + Unlock Guide (Battlefield 4 Easter Egg)

Battlefield 4 dice camouflage dresses - agents

View Public Profile Find More Posts by allangati. Give me thermal camo for my soldier please. If this is your first visit on, also check out our weapon damage charts. Medal Of Honor Series. I will skip this assignment.