Acid porting aluminum

acid porting aluminum

Since the upper manifolds on these things are impossable to fully port does anybody know what type of acid I should use on aluminum?.
You should use something stronger than muriatic acid, because acid won't actually etch the silicas that can be found in the aluminum manifold. IM acid porting experiments.
How does acid porting add air flow to cylinder heads and intake manifolds? Acid porting is the enlargement of the entire intake port using chemical treatments.

Acid porting aluminum - contestgirl

There are bigger bottlenecks to be concerned with. Go To Topic Listing. Location: PT territory and sunny FL. Just get a dremel and follow the "intake porting" thing in the archives. This has been written to keep people safe, but if your hell bent or hurting yourself or others that your issue. Acid Porting Cast Iron Manifold acid porting aluminum