Ace gaming term

ace gaming term

Aces has been American slang for "the best" at least since the first years of this century, deriving from aces, the highest cards in poker and other card games.
Ace: When the entire enemy team gets killed by one player. Clutch: Term used to define the situation in which a player wins the round after being the . Noob/ newb/newbie: Probably the most popular insult in online gaming.
Hello, what's the real " ACE " meaning in League of Legends? In Counter-strike 1.6 we called ACE when someone wins a round by killing. ace gaming term People Guess Gamer Slang

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Ace gaming term Plant : To start planting the bomb so that the enemy can hear the planting beep, but immediately stopping and switching to your weapon to defend or attack the enemy. Where is this slang used? The One Direction concert was acewasn't it?! See more words with the same meaning: ace gaming term person either gender. It is only visible to you.
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