Wizard 101 game review

wizard 101 game review

Magical MMO where kids learn to become wizards. Read Common Sense Media's Wizard 101 review, age rating, and parents guide.
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is a massively multiplayer game that really deserves the moniker of being "fun for the whole family." The gist of the game is that you. Thank you for your support. Puzzles and mini-games that challenge the player to earn crystals and enchanted items. It cannot be proven who took the card and used it. I was following instructions. Each spell has a spell effect associated with it as well as an animation.

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Health regenerates quickly in the town areas as well. The next time I attempted to buy crowns the system told me that hers is the master account and Kings Isle says there is nothing that they can do about it... The graphics are crisp and bright, and the characters animated in cartoon style. Swords and Sandals V: Grail of Antares. They are dropped or can be bought at the library, and arranged in your deck as well. I wonder if this is an exploit… All in all, I found this to be a fun and compelling game. MMO Hopper #50: WIZARD 101 worth playing?