Pathfinder cleric spells

pathfinder cleric spells

STARJAMMER (Pathfinder in space) IS HERE! (This is NOT the Paizo .. Spells Filter. Cleric /Oracle Spell List Filter. Cleric /Oracle Spells (Orisons)  ‎ Cleric/Oracle Spell List (Filter) · ‎ Shield of Faith · ‎ Divine Favor · ‎ Sun Metal.
My wife is playing a Cleric in Pathfinder Society, just turning 5th level and now the number of spells has expanded to the point that she'd like to.
Ok so me and my group have just started getting into PF and we like it Lets go through a few things. Clerics pray and prepare spells once per. Summons extraplanar creature to fight for you. Elemental Body I : Turns you into a Small elemental. Sky Swim R : Allow the target to swim through the air. Mad Science and Grumpy Technology. PPC:Pirates PRG:APG Kill a weak creature and turn its corpse into an explosive trap. pathfinder cleric spells

Pathfinder cleric spells - players

Animate Rope : Makes a rope move at your command. Vines burst to life in a radius around a target with a variety of effects. Foresight : "Sixth sense" warns of impending danger. Arrow of Law : Harm and possibly daze chaotic creatures. Submerge Ship : Turn a ship into a submarine.