All shiny starters x and y

all shiny starters x and y

I'm soft resetting my game to get a shiny Fennekin and I'm wondering if I can just check the summary after the cut scene to see if it's shiny or do I have to enter.
Heart gold and Soul Silver had them show as being shiny when you could look through all 3 of them. However in X / Y you have to pick one of.
This video shows all the shiny Pokemon in Pokemon X and Y that are known as of now. All the shiny. You can check it's summary! Start the game at the point where you choose your pokemon, choose one It doesnt appear shiny in the previewand instantly look at it's stats. Didn't even know it until I went into battle and actually saw it. Think only one time I was successful in a shiny soft reset - got a tepig in Black. BB code is On. Find threads started by axlefoley. Originally Posted by jazneo. all shiny starters x and y

All shiny starters x and y - deposit bonus

Shiny Starters: is it possible via soft reset? Location: The Kanto Region. However, the conditions for obtaining Shiny Pokemon have been made harder in Pokemon X and Y, so you may struggle with doing it here compared to previous games. Find threads started by Jigglymilk. Click on a picture in the album below and hover to find out what methods and locations you can use to obtain a particular Shiny.