Alex elle words from a wanderer

alex elle words from a wanderer

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Words from a Wanderer, version two, is a timeless and beautiful Author, Alexandra Elle, created this book to shed light on the fact that indeed.
I first heard about Alex Elle from Instagram. I would see images like the two above with her words and I would then re-post it. I didn't read more. Words from a Wanderer is a well, beautifully written collections of personal notes and love 0-16 and they so encouraging and great to read. It was an okay read nonetheless, nothing out of ordinary. This is a precious gem that it's worth it to treasure in the heart. I did like this book. Azra shakes every tree along the way so their fruit blankets the ground before you. Her words make me say 'YES' really loud. I also write poetry and written peices so much of what was written I relate to and am currently going through, so it was no new truths for me.

Alex elle words from a wanderer - las vegas

Her words make me smile. It switches back and forth from poems to 'notes to self' which is really cute. Quotes from Words from a Wand... Even the ones who do not show you the same courtesy. Pam The Girl Who Cried Books..