2 pairs of glasses with free eye exam

2 pairs of glasses with free eye exam

Get 2 pairs of eyeglasses for just - Page 1. find a store or schedule an exam. find a store by entering a . Get 2 Frames for Including Lenses. Refine Search .. 3 YEARS OF FREE EYE EXAMS. learn more.
No need to choose when you can get two pairs of glasses for one great low an exam with an independent optometrist or ophthalmologist for an eye exam with.
EyeCare Express offers exceptional eye care at affordable prices. With locations in 2 Pairs of Glasses for $59 with a FREE Eye Exam! Whether it's glasses. Vision Test & Choosing My First Glasses 2 pairs of glasses with free eye exam Please enter your email address used for your account and we will send a temporary password to you via email. Yes No Cheryl of Westlake, OH on Dec. I explained again that I wanted individual prices. Please enter your last. I went expecting to purchase. You're on the list! Access to vision care helps people all over the world reach their full potential.

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After calling a dozen times, just today they said, "Sorry, we can't give you the glasses. The manager is having new lenses shipped to my home, but I'm done with them after that. I had my eyes examined, ordered two pair of glasses and a trial pair of contacts. Are you also a victim of the same company or individual? The next morning went to AB and told the Doctor there, I have a Clens that is stuck and can't get it out so he examined my eye and said "YOU DO NOT have a contact lens in your eye" so he gave me a prescription for eye drops to use until my eye looked better. Scheduled an appointment for my grandson. That's where I went wrong.

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You'll get an email from us very soon. She made several attempts but couldn't get through. They have changed hands a couple of times, but now with the 'new people', it is terrible. Eye exam otherwise has no cash value. BTW, they did offer me several upgrades on my glasses for additional cost, but, although I could see the value in them, I didn't take them because I only wear my glasses a short time each day, when I am not wearing my contacts.