Fun 4 player co op games for xbox 360

fun 4 player co op games for xbox 360

This page contains a list of co - op games for the Xbox 360. Doritosh crash course - (free!) not as simple as TBDL but gives a lot of fun and supports 4 players. Review - Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Co - Op Review.
4 - Player Video Games: 7 For Xbox 360 That Don't Suck Surviving the zombie apocalypse has no right to be this fun. the room or scattered around the world, they can join you for four - player co - op mode in Castle Crashers.
Want cooperative play in your game? We've got the best co - op games right here, for right now.

Fun 4 player co op games for xbox 360 - software

Sitting next to a friend while collecting loot offers the finest Diablo experience around. Play it on: Wii U There's something insanely satisfying about working with your friends to bring down enormous enemies in games. Great co-op campaigns in military science fiction style. You can play on a team of up to five people, all of whom have to camp out in a relatively open area and withstand wave after wave of increasingly powerful enemies. There's a real beauty in working out how things all fit together, and the only thing this game truly lacks is personality. You pick from the same pool of lives, though, so it's a good idea to bring friends who aren't going to burn through all your retries at the first sign of a Koopa. When playing alone, the game becomes a shallow grind while not giving enough opportunities to acquire elite weapons. fun 4 player co op games for xbox 360