Albion online alchemist labs

albion online alchemist labs

The novice alchemy lab icon is red in the building list. "Is not unlocked / possible in this cluster" is written on the icon for no understandable  Question on island size and housing - General Questions.
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The Alchemist's lab can be used to craft potions. Alchemy requires a wide variety of materials, from monster drops to animal products. You will receive an additional trophy for collecting ten Fairies. Longer term goals include:. Seeds are to be given to the dedicated farmers. Albion Online is a medieval sandbox MMO. Gearing up and doing dungeons. Keep murdering those foxes. albion online alchemist labs

Albion online alchemist labs - basketball

Collect the remaining piece of STAINED GLASS T. Collect the DAGGER P. Some potions can be used for healing or CC effects.. You may use the screenshot as a key C. All seeds and animals will be the guilds, and will be split up amongst farmers afterwards.