Acid porting manifold

acid porting manifold

Acid porting of cylinder heads explained by Leo Criosetiere & R&L Engines.
Which acid is used for porting aluminum and cast iron? . intake and exhaust manifolds as well as both aluminum and cast iron cylinder heads. IMCA HOBBY MOTOR VERSE CRATE!!!! I HATE.
How does acid porting add air flow to cylinder heads and intake manifolds? Acid porting is the enlargement of the entire intake port using chemical treatments. The exhaust port will get similar attention to the short turn radius, also we can widen the floor above the turn but don't get into the draft line. As far as my two cents:. Maybe you can find out what Acid porting manifold used on his Tyoder manifold years ago? If he needs more directions, let him call my cell! You must log in or sign up to reply . acid porting manifold

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Bay Area Probe Owners Club. Aluminum dissolves a whole lot faster, and it is usually just done by short washes of acid, followed by immediate neutralization with baking soda. There was a lot of material removed over the course of the day though. Where did you purchase your acids? I also don't have to watch this too closely, and can do other things while waiting for it to be done...