Winchester 30 30 ballistics

winchester 30 30 ballistics

The. 30 - 30 Winchester /.30 Winchester Center Fire cartridge was first marketed in and it is common to define the characteristics of cartridges with similar ballistics as being in ". 30 - 30 class" when describing their trajectory. Bullet diameter ‎: ‎308 in (7.8 mm).
Cartridge: 30 - 30 Winchester ; Bullet Weight: 150 Grs. Muzzle Velocity: Ballistic Coefficient: Rounds Per Box: 20; Rounds Per Case.
The 30 - 30 technically called the. 30 - 30 Winchester is a centerfire cartridge was introduced to the USA back in the This like the is just an amazing  Recoil ‎: ‎1.6. winchester 30 30 ballistics

Winchester 30 30 ballistics - basketball

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