Alice red queen book

alice red queen book

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Henry's sequel to Alice, a retelling of Through the Looking Glass, leaves the City behind as Alice and her companion, Hatcher, begin a quest to.
Red Queen has 1673 ratings and 308 reviews. Lola said: First book : Alice 2.5 stars. Red Queen is the second book in The Chronicles of Alice series.

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I was bowled over by the first book Alice and couldn't wait to read this. But Hatcher still has to find his daughter Jenny, so the two of them decide to press on towards the mountains. Verdict: A not so promising or positive end to the fairy tale of our dreams. I'm glad I finished the book as I was curious about Jenny, but I think the first book was better and it could have been a standalone. It picked up again towards the end of the book with a few surprising plot twists and everything was wrapped up neatly and resolved and left a satisfying ending. Sometimes he stopped to box with the walls until his hands were bloody, or take chunks out of the wall with his axe. Translation: awesome ALICE was a four star read that came c.
alice red queen book