Aa vs kk quads atv

aa vs kk quads atv

AA VS AA VS KK VS KK vs QQ VS QQ all in preflop Quad Queens vs Quad Nine's (QQQQ vs Toby.
AA vs KJ getting unlucky on the flop JJJ almost drawing dead. What is the possibility that the opponent has a J.
"The chances of a royal flush and quads happening in the same hand: 1 in 2.7 (48 choose 5) There are 5 different pocket pairs for the quads (AA, KK, QQ, JJ, 10 10) and each of these This is for quad aces vs. royal flush. Phil Ivey KK vs Patrik Antonius AA(the hold'em nightmare)

Aa vs kk quads atv - las vegas

For just two hands. Betfair poker pundits note how being dominated by a higher pair is disastrous for the lower pair as they almost always have to hit a set one of their two remaining cards in order to win. Find Threads Started by Microstakes. Odds of quads over quads. View Public Profile Send a private message to GinaSD Find More Posts by GinaSD Find Threads Started by GinaSD. Find More Posts by KevinLush. I might be wrong, but I bet I'm close.
I don't mean that slowplaying is something you should do "rarely" for the sake of doing it not. Originally Posted by armPitt. One of the problems with aces, whether using the Betfair Poker code or not, is that they do not come around very often and when they do you often find yourself winning a relatively small pot with. Send a private message to GrumpyB. Find More Posts by KevinLush. Send a private message to KevinLush. Well, whatever it aa vs kk quads atv, it's certainly less than the odds of a Royal and Quads AND Henry VI of England Romano at your table.