Sims 3 holding hands mod

sims 3 holding hands mod

i have looked everywhere and googled it but i cant seem to find a hack that allows sims to hold hands or do anything like that.. here is a picture.
I'd also like the option for sims to wrap their arms around each other. Walk and Hold Hands The Sims 3 Coming June 2 To Pc and Mac!.
The cute holding hands pose, with Bella looking shy and cute. Butters, Dolphinesims, Karinasims (sp?), and a few other UNs I can't quite. THE SIMS 3 sims 3 holding hands mod
Garden of Shadows has a huge list of poses. Don't have an account? Can't this be implemented with multi tasking thru a patch or ep? Reason: Dumb emote thingy. I believe I'll have more coffee.