Alexander arms 338 lapua

alexander arms 338 lapua

Bill Alexander shows us the Alexander Arms Ulfberht (Viking Sword) in. 338 Lapua Magnum. . 338.
Alexander Arms has built one of the most revolutionary magnum, semi-auto rifles ever made. Check out our Alexander Arms . 338 Lapua.
Ulfberht. 338 Lapua Magnum complete, semi-automatic rifle manufactured by Alexander Arms.

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Alexander arms 338 lapua However, probably not many could afford shooting it that way since the Black Hills Ammunition. The recoil is mild for a. Women's National Postal Matches. His perspective on building weapon systems reflects his engineering upbringing. This load might as well be handloaded because of its accuracy. The more I used the Ulfberht, the better it dialed in, making for some very solid accuracy.
Combination of 3 dice By combining these functions and not relying on a barrel extension and light alloy receiver, we achieved the best optimization for the strength and weight of the weapon. Building a reliable semi-auto in. A polymer feed ramp prevents damage to bullet tips. Company History Contact Us Privacy Policy Dealers. All rifles are shipped in a high-quality hard case. Concerning the latter, two cutouts in the bolt body enabled dual locking flaps lugs to pivot into and out of recesses milled into the receiver walls.
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We could only find two suggestions for improvement. The Steiner scope made this easy. They were crucible steel rather than carburized bloomery iron. Removing the pin enables the buttstock and attached, nested recoil springs to be removed for maintenance. Can someone say over sized CNC machined AK? Scholarships, Awards, and Contests. All materials used in the construction of the Ulfberht are either corrosion-resistant or coated to provide the .