Alaska birding festival

alaska birding festival

Wrangell is the gateway community for the Stikine River Delta, where the arrival of thousands of bald eagles creates the largest springtime concentration in.
Cordova, Alaska Copper River Delta Shorebird Festival. International Migratory Bird Festival.
Through the month of April, this festival celebrates the return of migratory birds back to Alaska. The most notable bird at this festival is the Rufous hummingbird. alaska birding festival
Tracy Bird & Darin Jensen (1) Alaska 41st Folk Festival 04 10 2015

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The Copper River Delta boosts the largest flocks of migrating Western Sandpipers in Alaska — several million. Heli-skiing is at its peak in April, when the sun shines bright for the first time since the previous August and conditions in the lower regions have started to melt. Bird banding demonstration, bird viewing, and kids activities. The festival includes talks, bird watching, nature walks, workshops, and many other related activities with ample opportunities for observing Sandhill Cranes and other fall migrants. This event is designed to showcase and celebrate our area birds through a variety of low cost or free activities for all ages. The festival is held the first weekend in June. Click here to view LAST YEAR'S Amazon free shipping code without prime River Delta Shorebird Festival schedule of events. Several festivals honor the shorebirds, songbirds, waterfowl and raptors that return each year for the short summer breeding season. Scheduled to coincide with the alaska birding festival of bird migration, the program consists of bird and wildlife viewing, information booths of local conservation organizations, nature walks, and activities for the whole family such as puppet shows, crafts, and games. Skip to Section Navigation. Yakutat Tern Festival - Yakutat, AK.