Alaska bible institute

alaska bible institute

Alaska Bible Institute (ABI) is a missions and discipleship center which operates under the Board of Directors of Alaska Village Missions. ABI has been operating.
Ray Arno, director and founder of Alaska Village Missions, the parent organization for Alaska Bible Institute, and Eric Rozeboom, current.
Alaska Bible Institute, Homer. 685 likes ยท 199 talking about this. ABI is a community of people who are passionately and purposefully following Jesus.

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Better Blogs than Mine. Contact a Sales Representative. Within his first years in Alaska, Arno began to see the need for a Bible school. Both pastors at Church on the Rock in Homer are ABI alumni, and Rozeboom notes that a number of others serve as pastors and teachers in the Homer area. Here is the bullion gold without a single particle of alloy. At least it ought to be plain that he who is not for the God of Christianity is against Him.
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