118 118 (UK)

118 118 (UK)

Directory enquiries service 118 118 has revealed another astonishing set of figures, which are likely to infuriate consumers who pay as much.
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The Number UK has posted a 10pc fall in turnover but royalties from its The directory enquiries service 118 118 has seen its revenues fall.

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Fears for UK jobs as French eye Vauxhall: Peugeot in daring bid to take over British rival. Workers taking debts into retirement now commonplace... Is it too late to bet on the copper price rally? The company said in its accounts that it was creating new ways to make money, such as selling enhanced listings to businesses. Workers taking debts into retirement now commonplace thanks to big mortgages and easy credit.
What Brexit means for your finances. Savings that can be made - as well as steps you can take to protect the family finances. Share or comment on this article. Security expert reveals his tips and warns conmen will find a chink in BT's new call-blocking armour. The comments below have not been moderated.

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Reasons behind mistakes from failing to predict the financial crisis to misjudging the post-Brexit vote slump. Used with the catchphrase "Got Your Number! News, tips and advice. The comments below have not been moderated. The ten car makes that suffer most parts failures revealed. How to protect your retirement income plan in troubled... Ray Massey tests the new Land Rover Discovery off-roading in Utah's deserts. 118 118 (UK)