Triple 0 (or ) may refer to: 000 Emergency, the Australian emergency telephone number; Queen-side castling in chess notation; coordinate origin for a.
12/ 0 = 0 0 *0 = 12 whoops, doesnt work either! I can see why that is undefined. 0/ 0 = 0 0 *0 = 0 Seems to work But there is a problem, because.
saying that AND isn't consistent with the rest of mathematics because they contradict each other.

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For every choice of x and y, we want a function F which satisfy:. Retrieved from " volochek.info? Specifically, in most of the cases mentioned where my algorithm fails to return a solution that DOES exist, yours succeeds, and vice versa. You can also donate with PayPal. Retrieved from " volochek.info?

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So you have a choice. For example, take the Taylor series of a function about some point a:. Triple-Zero inquired as to whether he had served adequately as a distraction. Therefore, we see that the function has a discontinuity at the point. Because mathematicians said so. The question here is weather or not zero is a number.