List of 4 player snes games

list of 4 player snes games

What 4 player games were released for the SNES? I know of the I think had his hand in creating this list (from nrst). i keep  4 player beat em ups.
The Super Multitap connects to the second controller port of the SNES Control Deck In all there were at least fifty games released on the SNES that allowed for 3 to 5 players, thus requiring A list of games can be seen below: Looney Tunes B-Ball - 4 players ; The Lord of the Rings Volume 1 - 4 players ; Madden NFL.
Games featured: Super Bomberman 1-5 NBA Jam Tournament Edition NHL 94 Smash Tennis Top Gear 3000.

List of 4 player snes games - and

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