Act game log file ffxiv

act game log file ffxiv

Basic setup guide for the ACT Parser for Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn and Game. Final Fantasy XIV.
Primarily a real-time log parser, ACT can import entire log files or use its History Database to What this includes will change on what the specific game records.
The short list of these non-functioning features is log file splitting and macro exports. That is when the game's files are in the Program Files folder, at least.

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I've been using it since August, almost every night. More Information -mineeme- Armory Tracker The Armory Tracker plugin is designed to be an extension of the Dragon's Armory website. Starting ACT as administrator by right-clicking its icon will allow the shortlist of non-working features to function. Right Clicking locks the window. The developer of this plugin is actively working to make this all show up properly so all the testing we can do for him to fix any minor kinks that may or may not exist would help encourage a final parser that we can all consider our go-to parse program. 3/9 - Advanced Combat Tracker FAQ Video
act game log file ffxiv Absolutely loved ACT with Rift. Thought I'd wizard101 2016 summer updates this here:. Because that could be problematic. They work perfect when testing on normal mobs and their ability casts. Add the plugin to ACT's known plugin listing. I cant seem to paste any of the parses into my chat window in game, is that option working with FF XIV? It does simulate DoT ticks, but this is a new feature.