Aa vs kk high stakes poker gsn players

aa vs kk high stakes poker gsn players

[Archive] High Stakes Poker on GSN That card [email protected] that starts with P. One interesting thing I had never seen or heard of before is " playing it twice", If I have AA vs KK, I'm gambling that my edge will hold up.
Im looking for the results of the high stakes poker seasons. Who earned what Of course, GSN only shows a fraction of all the hands played.
top moments from the tv show - high stakes poker The show featured some of the best players in the world playing in a high-stakes cash game. On any Greenstein vs Farha - KK vs AA GSN and High Stakes Poker logos. Two Plus Two Publishing LLC. Two Plus Two Pokercast. You are commenting using your Twitter account. If it was a draw, he should have known Doyle would just fold. Good season though, seemed like it went by awfully fast. Season six ended four months ago. Had aliante bingo room network solutions heard of it either, never even considered it, but for them in those big cash games I guess it makes some sense, trying to reduce variance and all. High Stakes Poker Antonius AA Vs Ivey KK Pot 168.200$