American football leagues

American football leagues

The popularity of American football is undeniable, as evidenced by the all-time record million people who tuned in to watch the Seattle.
The NAFL is a professional spring football league scheduling its games during the spring and early summer months starting in.
The American Football League is a major professional football league proposed to operate in the fall season. Full Color Football - #1

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In the long term, the CFL has shown significantly more stability than the American leagues. Click here to see more. Article by Barry Wittenstein. NFL version of the game. CBS-TV , which then carried NFL games, refused to. American football leagues

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The onset of World War II and the resultant draft dried up the source of players for professional football and the new league did not have enough resources to continue. MAY HAVE been the. Canadian football had similar origins to its American counterparts. New York Pro Football League. V V Click on a Team's Program for the Team Page V. Continental Indoor Football League.