What does 30 to 1 odds means in tagalog language

what does 30 to 1 odds means in tagalog language

Odds against him, here's how this New York City student made it to college. This story is He spoke only Tagalog, his native language. He had.
Define odd. odd synonyms, odd pronunciation, odd translation, English dictionary definition of odd. interj. Often used in combination: invited 30 - odd guests. 3. a. American HeritageĀ® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition. 1. differing in nature from what is usual or expected: an odd creature; an odd choice.
Odds are a numerical expression, usually expressed as a pair of numbers, used in both In gambling, the odds are the ratio of payoff to stake, and do not necessarily Thus, odds of 6 to 1 mean the first party (normally a bookmaker) stakes six The language of odds such as "ten to one" for intuitively estimated risks isĀ  Missing: tagalog. Ed Sheeran - Shape of You [Official Video]
The appearance of the cricket, however, dashed their hopes, for it was very small. ABOUT US CONTACT US LEGAL SITEMAP. The head of his village delegated part of his duties to him because he found Cheng Ming easy to push. Let's go to Bethlehem. On the bushes by the jiashan sat a fat male cricket. Odds are expressed in the form X to Y, where X and Y are numbers.