Panzer aces of ww2

panzer aces of ww2

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I'm interested in tank aces from WWII, Axis or Allied. Is the info in Panzer Aces correct or several other books like Tigers In Combat or Michael.
The German Army introduced the title of “ Panzer Aces ” during World War 2, given to commanders who managed to inflict heavy damages and destruction on a.

Official: Panzer aces of ww2

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Panzer aces of ww2 Wittman thus could "kill its opponents long before they were close enough to inflict damage on his tank". He once attacked an officer he saw mistreating Soviet prisoners of war. The term "Panzer ace" has become prominent in contemporary popular culture, especially in the United States or as part of the uncritical portrayal of the Waffen-SS in English-language militaria and popular history works. Modern Armor Warfare Doctrines were developed by the major global players, each having their own strategies and tactics. According to Neitzel, numbers panzer aces of ww2 successes anubis tattoo designs highly decorated soldiers should be approached with caution as it is rarely possible to determine reliably in the heat of the battle how many tanks were destroyed and by .
panzer aces of ww2 It makes me wonder which source is correct. Zaloga concluded that "Panzer ace" is a romanticisation of reality, as it is neither possible to correctly determine "tank kills" in the heat of the battle nor is it possible to separate individual performance from technological or battlefield advantage, mixed with propaganda. An extremely brave and decisive 295 BC, Otto Carius served the German Army during the Second World War, panzer aces of ww2 getting rejected twice during medical tests. Do they include, for example, when Wittmann was in a StuG? It is possible that Wittman might have outscored him had he not been killed before the war ended. Main page Contents Featured content Current events Random article Donate to Wikipedia Wikipedia store.