4 player co op games on pc

4 player co op games on pc

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse is the follow-up to Canvas Curse for the Wii U. It includes a 4 - player co - op mode where players control Waddle Dees that carry.
Left 4 Dead 2 is a 2- 4 player co - op first person shooter that requires tons of cooperation and intense zombie slaughtering in order to survive.
Early Access, Action, Indie, Local Co - Op. SpeedRunners Deluxe Pack. Racing, Indie, Sports, Action. Fragmental. ‎ Lance A Lot · ‎ Floppy Heroes · ‎ Ballistic Tanks · ‎ Aqua Moto Racing Utopia. 4 player co op games on pc

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Designed by Jonathan Sutcliffe. These choices can effect future parts of the game, which makes for a more realistic and immersive story. You can have different kinds of co-op experiences, you know! The reality of your co-op partner constantly alerting the guards is drowned out by the experience in your head — the synchronised stealth takedowns, the perfectly executed plan — but both success and failure are more compelling when you can take credit for the former and blame someone else for the latter. The only thing you gain from playing is a greater level of skill and experience — both of which will be necessary to progress further than you last did.

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Btw, you clearly chose to exclude MMOs. Grab a mop and bucket and get ready to clean blood off walls, incinerate body parts, collect shell casings, and buff away damage with a welding tool. Inventive, interesting puzzles, that you had to work together to solve. Online co-op is what brings us together and without the crappy single-screen restrictions. Indie , Co-op , Local Co-Op , Multiplayer. Killing said ghouls requires the two of you to wrap your rope around them and squeeze them to death. Action , Adventure , Female Protagonist , Lara Croft. Top 10 Upcoming CO-OP Games in 2016/2017